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Easter Egg Hunt Personalised Stakes

Little Interiors


You'll have the kids hopping with excitement this Easter with their very own personalised Easter Egg Hunt! 

Perfect for when the Easter Bunny wants to set up a special Easter egg Hunt around the garden or home, this set of 6 stakes will bring some extra excitement and magic. A wonderful way to create new memories and traditions that will last a lifetime, this set of 6 stakes includes: 

  • Personalised Starting Sign, with Easter Bunny silhouette (up to 3 names, or your Family Name)
  • "This way!"
  • "What's this?"
  • "Hop over here!"
  • "That way!"
  • "Keep on hopping!"


Bring some excitement (and order) to the whirlwind that is the Easter Egg Hunt, and create a tradition and memories with the kids this Easter.


Set comes with 6 stakes, each sign is 9 across and 5 cm tall, with an 8 cm stake (except the Personalised starter stake, which is 9 cm across, 6.5 cm tall, with a 6.5 cm stake). Personalise now to create your own unique Easter Egg Hunt today!