Welcome to BurnBella designs, where we work our wizardry to bring your ideas to life in the form of wearable art!

Meet Kat

Hi my name is Kat, and I like long walks on the beach and......... Just kidding! I'm not here to bore you with the usual motivational speech about how we came to be here. I'm here to dazzle your socks off with my Zazzly creations!

I love a bit of colour in my outfits, that is how BurnBella came to be. I kid you not, I have a matching pair of tights, shoes and cardigans for every. single. dress. I. own! But what I didn't have was matching accessories. So, I set out to create pieces which reflected my personality that I was comfortable wearing.

But Wait, there's more...

You see, the more I started making, the more people would ask me to make them something which represented their personality. I also frequently recieved requests from people who didn't have their ears peirced or would like hooks instead of studs and visa versa. And so, I had a lightbulb moment if you will......

I thought "wouldn't it be amazing if you could choose your own findings, colours and sizings to create something you actually want and is completelty unique to you?!". And this brings us to where we are today.

Custom creations right at your finger tips. Want your pets on your ears? Sure thing- upload your photo into the custom request form and i'll whip up a design for you!

Don't like my outrageous colour choice? Don't sweat it, choose something that is more you!

Want to give a special gift to a fellow accessory lover? Then I'm your gal! We can work together to create a unique but zazzly piece of art.

Let's Create!